Gary Miron
Professor of Evaluation, Measurement and Research


  • Charter schools
  • Education law
  • School choice
  • School reform

Gary Miron is professor of evaluation, measurement, and research at Western Michigan University. He has extensive experience evaluating school reforms and education policies in the United States and Europe. Miron has prepared and directed more than 60 evaluations and research studies that have been funded with grants and contracts from state and federal agencies as well as private foundations. He has conducted nine comprehensive evaluations of charter school reforms commissioned by state education agencies and has undertaken dozens of other studies related to school choice reforms. In recent years, his research has increasingly focused on private education management organizations as well as efforts to create systemic change in urban schools in Michigan and rural schools in Louisiana. Prior to arriving at WMU in 1997, Miron worked for 10 years at Stockholm University, where his research focused on voucher reforms and school restructuring in four European countries.