Eli C. Goldblatt
Professor of English


  • Arts education
  • Reading and literacy
  • Writing

Eli C. Goldblatt is a professor of English and the former director of writing at Temple University. He also directs New City Writing, the community outreach arm of the writing program. NCW sponsored the Temple Writing Academy for four summers between 2007 and 2010 and supports students working with Tree House Books, a literacy and literature center near the Temple campus. NCW’s current project involves convening a wide coalition of nonprofits and community partners to develop a green space in an elementary school bordering tree house, where children and other local residents can find fresh produce, environmental education, job training and recreation. Goldblatt also taught science, math and English for six years in an urban alternative high school in Philadelphia. He earned a master’s in education and certificate in biology from Temple. His master’s in literature and doctorate in composition studies came from University of Wisconsin-Madison. His published work includes “Because We Live Here: Sponsoring Literacy beyond the College Curriculum” and “Writing Home: A Literacy Autobiography,” as well as three collections of poetry and two children’s books.