Debra Chromy

Higher Ed

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Debra J. Chromy is president of Education Finance Council, the national association representing nonprofit and state agency student loan organizations. Chromy leads EFC’s advocacy efforts on regulatory and legislative issues related to student loans. She collaborates with all EFC members, EFC’s board, staff, the presidential administration, Congress, and other industry groups, facilitating and promoting EFC’s goals and initiatives. Prior to joining EFC, Chromy served as vice president of strategic partnerships for American Student Assistance, leading ASA’s corporate strategic planning process to transform the organization. Chromy served in various roles at ASA including vice president of government services, vice president of business development, and director of product development and training. Previously, Chromy worked for Key Bank USA and Knight College Resource Group on product development and management, marketing and corporate communications. Chromy received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Smith College, a Master of Business Administration from Boston University, and a doctorate in higher education management from the University of Pennsylvania.