David Labaree


  • History of education
  • Teacher certification programs
  • Teacher development

David F. Labaree is a professor at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education. His research focuses on the historical sociology of American schooling, including topics such as the evolution of high schools, the growth of consumerism, the origins and nature of education schools, and the role of schools in promoting access and advantage more than subject-matter learning.  His books include “The Making of an American High School,” “How to Succeed in School Without Really Learning: The Credentials Race in American Education,” “The Trouble with Ed Schools,” and “Someone Has to Fail: The Zero-Sum Game of Public Schooling.” He is currently working on a book about the unpromising roots and improbable success of the American system of higher education.  He was president of the History of Education Society and member of the executive board of the American Educational Research Association.