Dana Watts
Director of Research & Development


  • High schools
  • Curriculum
  • Instructional tools
  • Gender
  • Gender gap
  • International students
  • Leadership
  • Online learning
  • Professional development
  • Innovative professional development

Dana Watts is the director of research and development for International Schools Services. She has a broad background in curriculum, technology, innovation, and educational leadership within international schools located in Hong Kong, India, and Thailand. She is also an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Google Certified Teacher, and ISTE Certified Trainer. In addition to being an international educator, Watts has also served as executive director of WLead and as the director of innovation at 21st Century Learning International. She earned her doctorate degree in philosophy in educational sciences from the University of Kentucky, and her current research focuses on professional development and leadership issues specific to diversity, equity, and inclusion within international schools.