Cornelius Riordan
Professor of Sociology


  • Gender gap
  • Minority students
  • School choice

Cornelius Riordan is professor of sociology at Providence College. He received a master’s degree in sociology from Clark University, a doctorate in sociology from Syracuse University, and completed two years of postdoctoral study at Johns Hopkins University. He is the author of a textbook in the sociology of education, “Equality and Achievement,” now in its second edition. He has studied the effects of single- and mixed-sex education at all levels of schooling and is the author of “Single Sex Schools: A Place to Learn,” “Girls and Boys in School: Together or Separate,” “Single Sex Schools,” and numerous professional papers on this subject. He was the project director for Early Implementation of Public Single-Sex Schools: Perceptions and Characteristics, a large national study of public single-sex schools for at-risk children with a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, published in 2008. He has been a keynote speaker, panelist, expert trial witness, researcher, and author on this subject for 25 years. He was a signatory of a Supreme Court amicus brief in the Virginia Military Institute case and has written declarations in several court cases involving single-sex schools.