Connie Yowell


  • Media
  • Technology and learning

Connie Yowell is the visionary and CEO of LRNG. She brings considerable experience from the MacArthur Foundation, where as director of education she oversaw a $200 million effort over 10 years to support research and design experiments in digital media and learning. Prior to joining the Foundation, Yowell was an associate professor at the University of Illinois, publishing scholarly work that examined the complex interplay among young people’s emerging identity, their social context and achievement. She briefly served as a policy analyst in the U.S. Department of Education during the Clinton administration and has worked closely with teachers and administrators to develop programs for youth development. In 2004, Yowell received the Distinguished Fellows Award from the William T. Grant Foundation, an award to support scholars seeking to bridge research and practice, under which she worked with the National Writing Project to develop approaches that integrate web 2.0 technologies into the social practices of teachers. Yowell earned her bachelor’s degree from Yale University and her doctorate from Stanford University.