Claudia Goldin
Henry Lee Professor of Economics

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Claudia Goldin is the Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University and director of the National Bureau of Economic Research’s Development of the American Economy program. Goldin’s work has focused on the female labor force and also on the rise of mass education in the U.S. and its impact on economic growth and wage inequality. More recently she has focused on college women’s achievement of career and family. She is the author and editor of several books. Her most recent, “The Race Between Education and Technology,” co-written with L. Katz, won the 2008 R.R. Hawkins Award. From 2013 to 2014, Goldin served as president of the American Economic Association. She is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a fellow of many societies, including the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Philosophical Society and the Econometric Society. In 2009 SOLE awarded Goldin the Mincer Prize for life-time contributions to the field of labor economics. She is an associate editor of the Quarterly Journal of Economics and a member of various editorial boards. Goldin received her bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and her doctorate from the University of Chicago.