Claude Goldenberg
Professor of Education, Chair of Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education


  • English language learners
  • Parent involvement

Claude Goldenberg, a native of Argentina, is professor of education and formerly chair of curriculum studies and teacher education at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education. He was previously at California State University, Long Beach, where he was professor of teacher education, associate dean of the College of Education, and executive director of the Center for Language Minority Education and Research. In 2004 he received the Distinguished Faculty Scholarly and Creative Activities Award from California State University, Long Beach. He produced “Settings for Change” in 1997, a video describing a five-year school improvement project that raised literacy achievement in a largely Latino, bilingual elementary school near Los Angeles. A book based on this project, “Successful School Change: Creating Settings to Improve Teaching a Learning,” was published in 2004. Research stemming from the project won the 2010 Best Research Award from Learning Forward. His most recent books focus on language, literacy and academic achievement among language minority children, in particular, English-language learners.