Christopher Redding
Assistant Professor


  • Teacher workforce
  • Teacher development
  • Teacher support
  • Teacher effectiveness
  • Teacher certification programs
  • Teacher recruitment and retention

Christopher Redding is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership in the School of Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education at the University of Florida. He earned his doctorate in Leadership and Policy Studies from Vanderbilt University. He conducts rigorous research using survey and administrative data that focuses on the policies and educator labor market patterns that exacerbate the unequal distribution of high quality teachers and the reforms intended to reduce this problem. Broadly, this research describes failures in the teacher labor market that impede the learning opportunities for underserved students and the ways in which changes in teacher education, development, and leadership opportunities can lead to better teacher retention and student outcomes, particularly in underserved schools. His recent work has been published in venues such as the American Educational Research Journal, Educational Researcher, and Review of Educational Research, among others. Prior to receiving his Ph.D., Redding worked as a college access advisor in Cleveland, OH and taught elementary school at an international school in the United Arab Emirates.