Charles Bantz
Professor and Chancellor Emeritus

Higher Ed

  • College completion
  • Finance and funding
  • Presidents and trustees
  • Research and methodology
  • Research programs
  • Research universities
  • Urban education

From June 2003 to August 2015, Charles Bantz served as chancellor of IUPUI—Indiana’s 30,000-student urban public research university. By focusing on Indiana’s economic clusters and student success, the number of bachelor’s degrees granted each year grew from 2,200 to more than 3,900. IUPUI launched the world’s first School of Philanthropy and the Fairbanks School of Public Health with philanthropic support during the $1.36 billion IMPACT campaign. External funding for research has grown from $202 million to more than $388 million, including significant support for liberal arts as well as medicine, engineering and science. Bantz champions IUPUI’s community engagement, which has been recognized with the U.S. President’s Award and selection for the Higher Education Honor Roll. His bachelor’s and master’s degrees are from the University of Minnesota, and his doctorate is from Ohio State University. He has published on organizational communication, student success and television news. Bantz is on leave as he transitions to a full time center director and professor.