Bryan Mann
Assistant Professor


  • Politics
  • Charter schools
  • School choice
  • Research and methodology
  • Civil rights
  • Race and diversity
  • Education reform
  • School reform 
  • State policy
  • Online learning

Bryan Mann is an assistant professor of Educational Policy and Foundations at the University of Alabama. His research focuses on a few simple questions that have complex answers with profound implications: Where do children enroll in school and what drives these trends? What policy mechanisms help change enrollment patterns so they enhance educational and social equity? These motivating questions have led Mann to conduct research across several areas of education policy, including enrollment patterns as they relate to segregation and diversity, school choice, and alternative models of education. He also examines how school leaders interpret and respond to enrollment policies in their local contexts. Mann’s work has been published in educational research and policy journals including Teachers College Record, Education Policy Analysis Archives, Educational Policy, and others. He serves on the editorial boards of the American Journal of Education and the National Education Policy Center.