Brian Gill
Senior Fellow


  • Charter schools
  • Federal policy
  • Homework
  • Principals
  • Teacher effectiveness

Brian Gill, a senior fellow at Mathematica Policy Research, is one of the nation’s leading experts on the effects of charter schools. He has led major studies of nonprofit charter-school management organizations, KIPP schools and online charter schools. His research provided the first evidence of the long-term effects of charter schools on graduation and college enrollment. Gill has also conducted extensive research related to educator effectiveness. Working with state officials, school district management, and teachers unions, he has helped to develop and test measures of educator effectiveness based on student achievement growth and professional practice. Gill has played a key role in pioneering studies of the evaluation of school principals as well as teachers. Gill served as senior adviser on the first study of the predictive validity of new, Common-Core-aligned assessments, assisting the state of Massachusetts in its decision about using PARCC assessments. His award-winning research on homework examines it not only as a tool for promoting academic achievement, but also as a means of communication from school to parents and a potential flashpoint for school-family conflict.