Bill DeBaun
Director of Data and Evaluation

Higher Ed

  • Access
  • College graduation rates
  • Data and statistics
  • Race and diversity

Bill DeBaun is NCAN’s director of data and evaluation. He researches and writes about college access and success programming that demonstrates significant results for students’ college enrollment and graduation rates while additionally providing technical assistance to other initiatives. He leads NCAN’s Benchmarking Project, an ongoing collaborative research effort with NCAN members that examines the enrollment and completion outcomes of students served by college access and success programs. The project contains key demographic, service, and outcome data on more than 500,000 member-served students and provides insight into the college access and success field. DeBaun’s other work includes the creation, development, and maintenance of NCAN’s Data and Evaluation Toolkit, the Form Your Future FAFSA Tracker and the provision of technical assistance to school districts in projects like the To & Through Advising Challenge and the Rural Student Success Initiative. Prior to these, DeBaun oversaw the three-year Common Measures Learning Community, which convened 20 NCAN members in an effort to use data to improve program outcomes and scale program capacity.