Becky Bailey
Owner & Founder


  • Attendance and absenteeism
  • Behavior
  • Bullying
  • Health and wellness
  • Mental health
  • Safety and violence
  • Child development
  • Cognition and brain development
  • Engagement
  • Parent involvement

Becky Bailey is an award-winning author, renowned educator and internationally recognized expert in childhood education and developmental psychology. She is the creator of Conscious Discipline, which has impacted an estimated 17 million children while inspiring and training more than 3.5 million educators and caregivers. Conscious Discipline creates a compassionate culture and facilitates an intentional shift in adults’ understanding of behavior via the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model. It then provides specific brain-friendly, trauma-informed research-backed strategies for responding to each child’s individual needs with wisdom. Conscious Discipline is practiced in over 47 countries with resource materials offered in 22 languages.