Amy Ellen Schwartz


  • Achievement gap
  • Mobility
  • Urban education

Amy Ellen Schwartz is the Daniel Patrick Moynihan professor of public affairs and professor of economics, public administration and international affairs at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School. She is the editor of Education Finance and Policy and the director of the Institute for Education and Social Policy at New York University. Her research interests span a broad range of issues in education policy and urban economics. Her work has been published in journals, including Education Finance and Policy, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, American Economic Review, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Urban Economics, The Journal of Human Resources, and Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. She has authored numerous book chapters, monographs and reports, and is the editor of two books. She is a past president of the Association for Education Finance and Policy. Schwartz is a member of the board of directors of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association and chairs their Women in Real Estate Network.