Alma Clayton-Pedersen
Senior Scholar

Higher Ed

  • Presidents and trustees
  • Race and diversity

Alma R. Clayton-Pedersen is CEO of Emeritus Consulting Group, a firm that uses organizational development principles to assist nonprofit, public and education entities in enhancing their effectiveness for the public good. She is also an Association of American Colleges & Universities senior scholar consulting on programs that prepare faculty, administrators and institutions for the future of higher education. While vice president for education and institutional renewal at AAC&U, she led the establishment of Inclusive Excellence as a national imperative that is reflected in the organization’s current strategic goal: equity through innovation, inclusive excellence and student success. She joined AAC&U after more than 15 years at Vanderbilt University in varied roles, including associate dean of Peabody College and director of academic affairs in athletics. She has co-authored many publications, including “Preparing Critical Faculty for the Nation’s Future in STEM” and “Making Excellence Inclusive in Education and Beyond.”  She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and both a master’s and doctorate from Vanderbilt University.