Allan Fluharty


  • High schools
  • Math
  • Science

Allan Fluharty has taught at Prosser Career Academy High School for 11 years as a science and math teacher. As an initiative to improve STEM instruction at his high school, Fluharty started a biodiesel manufacturing club using grant funding. Fluharty works with Chicago Public Schools as a framework specialist with a group of teachers who develop activities, professional development and professional learning communities to promote the CPS Framework for Teaching. Fluharty has also worked this year with the U.S. Department of Education as a participant in their Teach to Lead initiative. In this role, Fluharty is working to promote a discussion of the effect of tracking, or separating students based on ability, and how this may widen the achievement gap. During the summer, Fluharty has worked as a research fellow at the University of Illinois at Chicago and has also taught inquiry pedagogy at Roosevelt University. He holds several degrees and certifications, including master’s degrees in education and school administration. Fluharty achieved National Board Certification in 2010. Prior to teaching, Fluharty worked in chemical manufacturing and in the military.