Albert Cortez
Director of Policy


  • English language learners
  • Race and diversity

Albert Cortez, director of policy at the Intercultural Development Research Association, works at the forefront of Texas policymaking. An expert on minority education policy, he has served as a technical advisor and resource authority for more than three decades of legislative action, advising such committees as the Texas Mexican American Legislative Caucus and the Senate Hispanic Caucus. Cortez advised members of both the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate in the formulation of the state’s Bilingual Education Act in 1981 and was extensively involved in the development of school finance reform, dropout prevention, immigrant education, student discipline, state assessment and expanding higher education access policies. Cortez received a doctorate in cultural foundations of education with a support area in educational administration and his master’s degree in cultural foundations of education from the University of Texas at Austin. He earned his bachelor’s degree in sociology with a concentration in bilingual education from Our Lady of the Lake University.