Adria Steinberg
Vice President, Building Educational Pathways for Youth


  • Graduation rate

Adria Steinberg leads JFF’s program and policy development efforts to improve the educational options and prospects of young people who have disengaged or disconnected from the educational and workforce systems. Steinberg and her Back on Track team work with state, district, intermediary, and federal policy and practice leaders to improve graduation rates and support the creation and scale up of high-quality pathways to family-supporting careers and postsecondary credentials for off-track and disconnected youth. The team serves as the implementation partner in the Aspen Institute’s Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund, providing strategic support to communities implementing a collective impact approach to developing pathways to postsecondary credentials for opportunity youth. Steinberg also is the senior advisor to JFF’s Students at the Center team. In that capacity she has co-authored and served as developmental editor of numerous JFF papers as part of a growing research base for student-centered approaches to learning and for deeper learning competencies. Steinberg holds a bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College and a master’s in education from Boston University.