Reporter's Toolbox


Reporter’s Toolbox

Connect with your fellow education reporters and workshop your story ideas.

Connect with your fellow education reporters and workshop your story ideas.


State of the Education Beat
A Field With a Future

Education journalists have the critically important task of informing the public about education at the local, state, and national levels. But little is known about this sector of the news media. What does this workforce look like? Do education journalists believe their work matters? Are they satisfied in their jobs? What challenges does the field face to better informing public dialogue on education? 


EWA Reporter Guides

Reporter Guides are how-to documents on best practices for education journalists.

Story Labs are blueprints for tackling complex topics: Essential background, research to consider, questions to ask, sources to tap, and story ideas to steal.


Tip Sheets

The Education Writers Association offers tip sheets with story ideas, reporting, advice and lists of resources on a variety of education topics and journalistic skills.


Help Is at Hand, When You Need It

You’re on deadline, and you want to know if the new report that plopped on your desk comes from an organization with an agenda. You have a simple question you want answered fast, or a complex project you want to talk through. You’re new to the beat and having trouble getting officials, or middle schoolers, to talk to you. Or you’ve been on the beat forever and are dying for a new take on the snow-day story, the budget-rollout story, or the perennial story about college-admissions angst.

Whatever your needs, the public editor will be there to help.



A variety of interviews, keynotes and panel discussions with journalists, experts and newsmakers.


Don’t let the sticker price fool you

Don’t let the sticker price fool you.

The updated 2018 version of the web tool shows what students really pay for college, based on their family income.

Search for the cost trends and real prices of more than 3,800 colleges and universities in the United States. And check out quality indicators like graduation rates and diversity.


Journalist Members Listserv
EWA Journalist Membership is required to join the listservs.

EWA has a listserv focused on P-12 education and another focused on postsecondary.

Topics on both lists are wide-ranging. The listservs are great places to find sources in a hurry, or to pick your colleagues’ brains about reporting strategy.

To Join

If you are a working journalist and an EWA Journalist Member, you are welcome to join either list. Please fill out this application form to apply.

To Be Removed or Change Your Listserv Settings

If you’re already on a listserv and you’d like to be removed or change your settings, follow these listserv instructions.


As a listserv member, there are a few items of agreed-upon etiquette. Please review the listserv guidelines.


New to the Beat?

If you’re new to journalism, or if you’re a veteran reporter covering education for the first time, here are a few quick resources to get you up to speed.


Reporting Fellowships

The Education Writers Association’s fellowships provide financial awards to journalists to undertake ambitious reporting and writing projects. 


2019 New to the Beat Program

The 2019-20 New to the Beat cohort has been selected. We hope to offer future opportunities for participants to apply to the program. 

Do you have fewer than two years experience covering education? Could you use some extra support and guidance from a veteran of the education beat (and from EWA)?