2018 Elections: Top Education Takeaways on State Bond Measures
Education Commission of the States

In addition to selecting top leadership roles, voters in at least 17 states considered 23 measures related to education on their statewide ballots this cycle — 16 of which passed, according to National Conference of State Legislatures. Measures considered by voters this year included:

Statewide bond measures were passed in three states. Maine passed two bonds, which authorized $49 million for construction costs of the University of Maine system and $15 million for infrastructure items in Maine community colleges. Similarly, Rhode Island allocated $250 million for public school buildings and $70 million for higher education facilities. New Mexico passed three bond measures — which authorize $12.9 million for libraries; $6.13 million for public school buses; and $128.4 million for higher education, special schools and tribal school boards.

Popular referendums are initiatives regarding a piece of legislation recently passed in the state. Popular referendums of education issues were on the ballot in Arizona (Proposition 305) — which repealed a law to use public tax dollars for private-school tuition — and Massachusetts(Question 3) — which upheld a law prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity.