Robert Hauser
National Research Council

Robert Hauser is the executive director of the National Research Council’s Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education (DBASSE). Prior to his arrival at the NRC, Hauser spent forty-one years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he was professor of sociology and founder of the Center for Demography of Health and Aging. He collaborated with David L. Featherman on the 1973 Occupational Changes in a Generation Survey. Beginning in 1969, he collaborated with William H.

Sewell on the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, which began as a study of the transition from high school to college or the work force and has become a multi-disciplinary study of the life course and aging. In recent years, Hauser combined work on the WLS with studies of trends and differentials in educational attainment, the role of achievement testing in American society, and the measurement of adult literacy. He has been a member of the National Academy of Sciences since 1983.  Among his many awards is the 2003 Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Teaching of Sociology, American Sociological Association. He holds both a master’s and a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Wisconsin.