Myrna Castrejón
Executive Director

Myrna Castrejón is the executive director of Great Public Schools Now. Previously, she worked at the California Charter Schools Association in various key leadership roles, including as acting CEO. She has also been a consultant to the state-funded Urban Education Partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District and helped to develop eight innovative early education service centers in the most high-need areas of the city; the vice president of school and family networks for the Los Angeles Alliance for Student Achievement; and the director for family engagement for the Los Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project. She began her educational career in Texas in 1993, leading parent and community engagement efforts as a volunteer organizer with the Alliance Schools Initiative and at the El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence. In these positions, Castrejón saw parents’ deep desire to give their children high-quality educational opportunities when faced with so few choices. Her passion for this work comes from her background as a mother and an immigrant.