Montserrat Gomendio
Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development

Montserrat Gomendio is the deputy director of the Directorate for Education and Skills at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. She works to support the secretary-general’s strategic orientations in the area of education and skills, aiming to help countries strengthen employability, social participation and inclusiveness and to build effective and efficient educational institutions to make reform happen. She also ensures effective collaboration with other areas at the OECD dealing with common issues. Gomendio was the secretary of state for education, vocational training and universities at the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports from January 2012 to May 2015. During that time, the Spanish government undertook education reform. Previously, Gomendio was a research professor at the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and in 1997 was appointed director of the Natural History Museum. From 2003 to 2004, she served as the vice president for organization and institutional relations of the CSIC. Gomendio holds a general management program degree from the IESE Business School, a doctorate in behavioural ecology from the University of Cambridge and a bachelor’s degree in biology from the Complutense University of Madrid.