Alejandro Perilla

Alejandro Perilla is the director of the Arizona State University American Dream Academy, a position he has held since co-founding the organization in 2005. Previously, Perilla was vice president of National Council of La Raza, where he was responsible for corporate fundraising and events. Perilla’s leadership of the American Dream Academy has grown the program from a mission to improve student achievement in Arizona by involving families in the college preparation process to a well-established presence in more than 290 schools in 50 school districts in Arizona that has served nearly 375,000 parents and students. Perilla and the organization have been recognized with multiple awards, including the White House’s Bright Spots in Hispanic Education Award in 2015. Perilla has consulted in the U.S. and Mexico and for USAID in Ecuador on systems, leadership transitions and board leadership and has testified to Congress on education policy and community engagement. He received his bachelor’s degree in economic theory and international relations from American University and a master’s in public administration from the Harvard Kennedy School.