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What Makes The Webb Schools Worthy of $100 Million? Just Ask a Graduate

William Diepenbrock, 909-214-6909

CLAREMONT, CA – You know them as an expert in international arms issues, an award-winning novelist, an engineer, and a political journalist and entrepreneur.

We know them as graduates who credit The Webb Schools for launching them on journeys of discovery and lives of impact – just like the donor who pledged one of the largest gifts ever made to an independent high school.

So, what makes a school worthy of such a donation?

Hear it in their own words:

Dr. Wendin Smith, adviser to NATO on countering weapons of mass destruction: “I can imagine no greater compass than Webb’s unbounded and courageous thinking – grounded in honor, moral courage and service. “

John Scalzi, New York Times best-selling author and Hugo Award winner: “Both the education and the support I got at Webb made it possible for me to make writing my life’s work.”

Samantha Ainsley, senior software engineer, Netflix: “The Math Department at Webb embraced me, and I formed lifelong friendships with my classmates. I received an academic scholarship to Columbia, which would have never been possible without Webb’s guidance.”

Josh Marshall, founder and editor of Talking Points Memo: “Webb made me think much bigger about what I could accomplish, what I could be in the world.”

Learn more society at our Digital Newsroom about our unbounded academic programs, extraordinary faculty and community, and arrange interviews with these and many other Webb alumni who are leaders across the spectrum of society.

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