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Week 3 of Campaign; Ads focus on superiority of charter schools and tax credit scholarships

Philadelphia, PA – Choice Media has unveiled ads 5 and 6 in the 4 week campaign, which will air eight 30-second ads on all four network television stations in the Philadelphia market. This positive campaign features local parents sharing personal stories about their experiences with charter schools or tax credit scholarships for private schools. Ads 5 and 6 feature parents discussing their experiences with charter schools, scholarship tax credits and parochial schools. 

The ads can be seen here:

“Unions have spent millions attempting to make the case that failing public schools just need more money. Charter and parochial schools demonstrate that a good education doesn’t have an ever-increasing price tag. The education establishment hates it when you point out that others can do a much better job for less money. Ad 5 features a public school employee discussing how her child receives a better education at a charter school,” said Bob Bowdon, Executive Director of Choice Media and producer of the ads.

David Hardy, spokesman for, added, “Critics of charter schools need to accept that once people can see the difference in the quality of the education that their children receive, their views change. Critics can’t argue with a parent who wants the best for their child, and I know first-hand that the strongest advocate for change is a parent with a child on a waiting list. They will fight to expand opportunities for their children and others.”

Bob Bowdon continued, “The campaign is about educating parents about their options and empowering them to make the best choices for their children. We aren’t lobbying for a bill, we’re letting Philly parents know that their friends and neighbors have chosen options outside traditional public schools. These parents aren’t motivated by what’s best for employees of in the public schools; they’re making these choices for one reason alone – it’s the best thing for their children. ” 

The campaign has gained the support of thousands of Philadelphia parents who want to learn more about moving their children into charter schools or accessing the tax credit scholarships. The ads have been cited in the Philadelphia InquirerPolitico and the Wall Street Journal.


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