Press Release

Victory for Accountability in Philadelphia Schools

Contact: Audrey Mullen

Philadelphia, PA – The Philadelphia’s School Reform Commission (PRSC) will cancel their labor contract with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers after a 2 year fight. According to School Reform Commission Chairman William J. Green, these changes will provide nearly $44M to students this school year and almost $200M over the next four years. The move represents a victory for accountability in education and a victory for, a new grassroots organization.’s growing army of parents celebrates the PSRC decision, which will make local schools more resemble the charter and private schools that parents increasingly want.

“For unions to cry poverty in Philly public schools while not paying a penny towards their health care plan is a contradiction that voters are tired of hearing,” said Bob Bowdon, Executive Director of Choice Media and producer of the ad campaign.

Bowdon continued, “The winners here are the children. This 200M dollars over 4 years can now be spent in the classroom, whether in charter schools or traditional public schools.” is the new activist campaign around which thousands of parents have coalesced to support additional options in public schools. These parents are celebrating a major breakthrough to expand charter schools.

The campaign has gained the support of thousands of Philadelphia parents who want to learn more about moving their children into charter schools or accessing the tax credit scholarships. The ads have been cited in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Public RecordPolitico and the Wall Street Journal.


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