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Student Educational Travel Fosters Leadership, Confidence and a Global Perspective

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Peabody, Mass.; February 10, 2015 – World Challenge plays its part in preparing young people to succeed outside the comfort of the classroom.

The world leader in student-led expeditions sends 10,000 high school students away annually to over 40 international destinations, providing them with the opportunity to gain vital skills to live and work in an increasingly global and competitive society.

 “Participating in a World Challenge expedition enables young people to develop life skills and a level of cultural immersion that helps them stand out during the college admissions process and succeed in an increasingly global job market,” says Matt Eastlake, Group Managing Director of World Challenge.

“A World Challenge adventure is a psychological, sociological, and physical challenge incorporating trekking, cultural immersion, and community service.”

Unlike the typical high school trip abroad, a World Challenge expedition encourages students to take leadership roles in planning and then embarking upon an amazing and exotic journey of self-discovery. The learning adventure starts in the planning phase, where students take an active role in designing and fundraising their own expedition. They spend months preparing for their trip as a team and individually and are encouraged to take leadership roles.

“World Challenge expeditions are tough in the sense that they require much planning, communication and personal responsibility, but the end result is so rewarding it makes everything worth it,” adds Shereen Al-Sawwaf, a student at Dwight-Englewood School, Englewood, NJ, who is preparing for her fourth World Challenge expedition.

“I would never have imagined I would hike up an ancient volcano in Ecuador or spend the night in a Peruvian village. It’s easier for me to work in teams now, I know how to lead, but I also know how to follow.”

While on an expedition, students encounter situations where they’re forced to stretch beyond their comfort zones. Whether coping with a foreign culture or trekking up a mountain, students are pushed to exercise skills that expand beyond what’s learned behind classroom walls. Overcoming adversity gives students a chance to work together and discover who they are. In addition to trekking and experiencing the culture of their destinations, students participate in a community service project such as renovating classrooms and school buildings, constructing playgrounds and planting vegetable gardens – all benefiting the communities long after the students return home.

World Challenge students learn valuable life skills including resilience, confidence and independence. From planning to completion, all phases of a World Challenge program are designed to develop a well-rounded student with a greater sense of self and global awareness.

For more information about World Challenge, visit; email; or contact Dan Porter, Director, North America, at (877) 333-1060.


Founded in 1987, World Challenge is the global leader in student-led educational travel. Each year over 500 of the world’s leading schools trust World Challenge to safely send more than 10,000 students on expeditions to more than 40 developing countries around the world.


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