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The Resilient Schools Project: Sharing Strategies with Superintendents – PART 2
Thursday, Jan 14 @ 4pm ET

You are invited to join a special panel of educational leaders in the second webinar of our two-part series in partnership the School Superintendents Association (AASA) this Thursday (1/14) at 4pm ET to discuss building equity in schools in difficult times.

Please join us—this is a session that you will not want to miss! As an attendee, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from leaders from small and large districts as we cover such questions as:

What are leaders learning by coming together as a cohort of leaders committed to reimagining school for their students?

How has equity played a role in the decision-making process to reopen schools?

What types of strategies are being employed to leverage the parent, and local community, voice in supporting what schools need?

Where does technology fit in driving an increase in access and equity to level the playing field for ALL learners?

The Resilient Schools Project (RSP) is a collective of 12 districts across the country that have been at the forefront of near, short and long-term school transformation. Schools that plan for today, tomorrow, and an unknown year to follow are proving to be in an incredible position to serve their students, teachers and local communities in powerful ways. Questions will be encouraged as this session is designed to be interactive.

You’ll also receive an embargoed version of the first report, highlighting findings from the Resilient Schools Project (RSP).

Register at:

Facebook: Future of School Stories (public group)
Twitter: @futureof_school and @amyvalentine555

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