Press Release Begins Week 2 of Campaign; Themes Include Charter School Waiting Lists and Safety Concerns at Traditional District Schools

Philadelphia, PA — Choice Media released the second set of ads in the 4 week campaign to promote education choices to Philadelphia families. This ad campaign features local parents sharing their personal stories about educational options such as charter schools and tax credit scholarships for private schools. The ads are intended to inspire and empower other parents who may want alternatives to the one-size-fits-all district schools in Philadelphia.

Ad 3 –

Ad 4 –

Previous ads can be viewed at The campaign will air eight 30-second ads on all four network television stations in the Philadelphia market. The ads do not show politicians, union officials or activists, they exclusively feature Philadelphia parents telling personal stories about educational options.  One of the week 2 commercials explores the long waiting lists at the best Philadelphia charter schools. The other features a father who describes how much safer his children feel at their local Catholic school.

David Hardy, spokesman for and CEO of Philadelphia Boys Latin School, commented, “These are real parents sharing their stories. I know these people, they’re not political, they’re just parents who want their kids to have a good education. I’m sure some people are unhappy with this campaign, but the uncomfortable fact that many won’t acknowledge is that a lot of public school teachers would never subject their children to the schools they demand others to attend. It is upsetting when so-called public school advocates do not want to see the opportunities their kids enjoy extended to other kids. It’s like they want to pull the ladder up after their kids had the chance to climb it.”

Week one of the campaign generated national press coverage in Politico, as well as local responses from many Philadelphia parents. “I’m pleased that the response to our ads has been tremendous,” said Bob Bowdon, Executive Director of Choice Media, producers of the ads.  “Philly parents are asking us for information on how to get their children out of failing public schools and into schools where they’ll have an opportunity to learn and succeed. They hear these testimonials and want those same charter, private or parochial school opportunities for their kids.”

“When people see our week 2 ads featuring the massive waiting lists at charter schools and the happy families at parochial schools, we think it will stoke the conversation considerably,” Bowdon concluded.


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