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NTN Math, a leader in math professional development and coaching, launches i-NTNmath to address learning gaps in math education, resulting from school closures and virtual learning

Contact: Nicole Beck

Leading the way in math education, NTN Math announces its new software assessment tool, i-NTNmath which is available now.  The i-NTNmath program provides teachers the ability to easily create and evaluate standards–aligned assessments that can be used as formative or summative assessment tools.  This coming school year teachers will be faced with larger than normal learning gaps in math, due to the various levels of home instruction and e-learning students received in the Spring.  Identifying learning gaps is more critical than ever. Add to that the expected school budget cuts for the 2020-2021 school year, and educators are left wondering how they will instruct inclusive math lessons in their classrooms. 

“It is critical educators are prepared with reliable data to help them drive instruction for the 2020-2021 school year,” says Nicole Beck, President of The National Training Network (NTN). Nicole and the NTN team have set out to give schools an affordable solution for addressing the math education gaps. After compiling feedback on needed tools from the schools they work with, they developed i-NTNmath, a software assessment tool that measures student performance on skills and knowledge of state–specific math standards.

“This year we are featuring a baseline preassessment for each grade level to quickly identify and respond to instructional gaps and slides that have occurred at the start of the school year,” says Nicole. District leaders can visit or call (855) NTN-MATH to see learn more about how i-NTNmath can partner with them to help their district, schools, teachers, and students have a successful math transition in the Fall and beyond.

About NTN
For over 25 years, the National Training Network (NTN) has specialized in providing professional development, coaching, written math curriculum, and assessments. As former educators, the NTN team is made up of people that understand the needs of teachers and students.

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