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New Word Game to assist literacy education

August 2017

The new touch screen word game ‘WORDMASTER the Wordbuster game’ invented by Australian game entrepreneur, David Ettridge, is recognised for its potential to assist in literacy education.

Christopher Walsh, Associate Professor for literacy at Adelaide’s Torrens University described WORDMASTER as ‘a new and challenging game with the potential to build students’ vocabulary and word recognition skills’

Ettridge’s new game was inspired by an idea he had for a different way to play Scrabble. ‘Modern digital programming can do wonderful things and unlike a printed board game, digitised programming allows for creative dynamics, and is limitless in its possibilities’ Ettridge claimed.

‘A random thought led me to a different and more exciting way to play Scrabble and by changing the Scrabble playing method I came up with a newer and unique way to play with words’, he said. ‘My new game really makes its players search their vocabulary for words and how to spell those words’ he said. ‘That process is valuable brain exercise that leads to a quicker recall of words and it is a little like tennis for example; it makes students players rather than observers’ he added.

‘WORDMASTER is enjoyable and highly entertaining with a broad age and gender appeal’ he said.

‘I regularly play on-line with friends, and they have become hooked on the competitive style of the game. We have all increased our word and vocabulary skills’ Ettridge said.

WORDMASTER has a unique playing feature that allows players to alter each other’s words and to steal previous players scores’ Ettridge said. ‘WORDMASTER is making a big hit with many people who especially hate the distracting pop-up ads that other word games bombard them with’ he said.

Mr Ettridge said. ‘I hope to get students to play Wordmaster outside of school hours and for teachers to regard WORDMASTER as a creative and valuable teaching aid for literacy’ Ettridge said.

FREE Download links are only available on the website There is also a ‘How to Play Wordmaster’ video which can be viewed from the website.

Contact:  David Ettridge    Email:  Phone: Australia:  (61) 0417 049285

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