Press Release

New Online Resource on Workforce Development Issues, Trends & Strategies for Educators

George Lorenzo, education writer, editor, and curator at EdPath, has started a new web-based information resource and weekly eNewsletter called Workforce Monitor: Resources on Credentials and the Future of Work.

Launched on January 27, 2021, George curates and reports on workforce development (WFD) issues, trends, and strategies related to secondary and postsecondary education.

“There’s an over-abundance of WFD-oriented information online,” George says. “We’re seeking to create a useful stewardship as opposed to a silo-shipped resource that educators can go to for pertinent and useful information about the many aspects of WFD, human capital, and the emerging post-COVID labor force.

“There are many erudite education researchers and writers from a good number of well-respected organizations around the world that offer useful information geared toward helping educators build programs that students need for career advancement. It would be great if there were one online place that synthesizes some of this excellent information into a practical format that educators and researchers can go to for solutions-oriented reports and articles.”

Creating this kind of resource is “a massive task,” George adds. He is seeking feedback from WFD professionals and education writers across the worldwide education landscape for advice on what they would like to see posted on the Workforce Monitor website.

“There’s a lot of information already posted on the site,” he says. “Please take a look at, subscribe to the eNewsletter, and submit your thoughts through our contact form. I’ll try to respond as best I can.”    


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