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KidzToPros introduces customizable Learning Pods to keep children engaged, learning at-home with a credentialed teacher during this pandemic

Michelle Sokol

FREMONT, Calif – As more than 300 million students across the world are having their education disrupted by COVID-19, KidzToPros is introducing a new service that will ensure children receive the best in-person learning experience – even if their schools remain closed.

KidzToPros, an educational enrichment provider based in northern California, will be offering at-home Learning Pods to small groups of students across the country. Each Learning Pod is staffed by a credentialed teacher who will ensure safety measures are being observed while providing the personal connections that help students thrive in the classroom.

Experts are predicting that until an effective COVID-19 vaccine is available, few schools in the U.S. will get through the 2020-21 academic year without some form of remote learning. Even school districts that are offering in-person education this fall are offering distance learning options for students not ready to return to the classroom. 

However, a computer screen and internet connection can never replace the benefits of spending time with a teacher and classmates. Early research from NWEA shows that the average student could begin this school year having lost a third of the expected progress from the previous year, which was disrupted in March when the pandemic started.

While some parents feel uncomfortable sending their children back to school, they also do not want their children to feel isolated and disengaged due to the school’s remote learning model.

“Parents are being asked to make incredibly difficult decisions right now, but our Learning Pods are ensuring families are not forced to sacrifice high-quality education, enrichment and socialization due to COVID-19,” said KidzToPros Co-Founder and CEO Pooja Shah. “Our goal is to provide an equitable education solution for all families to keep their children engaged, learning and socializing safely during this pandemic. KidzToPros will stand by families across the country to reimagine education together.”

KidzToPros is offering three types of Learning Pods, which are each highly customizable to meet the needs of each student within the Pod:

  • Distance Learning Pods: Designed to support children who are enrolled in their school’s remote learning program, Distance Learning Pods will support and supplement the school’s existing curriculum. A credentialed teacher will work with a pod of students to ensure they understand their schoolwork and complete their assignments.
  • Micro-school Pods: Similar to a homeschool cooperation, Micro-school Pods are designed for students who are not enrolled in their local school’s learning program and wish to rely purely on a KidzToPros credentialed teacher for grade-level learning. The KidzToPros teacher will set up grade-specific curricula, provide necessary materials and continually assess each child’s progress.
  • Enrichment Pods: For families looking for meaningful activities beyond the learning hours, KidzToPros Enrichment Pods will guide groups of up to eight students through STEM, arts and sports activities. A trained in-person instructor will work with families at home and in the neighboring parks and recreational facilities.

Home Learning Pods can be started by families who already know each other, or KidzToPros can help connect families who have expressed interest from the same school or geographical area. The Distance Learning Pods and Micro School Pods serve between four and six students each and offer half- and full-day options, while the Enrichment Pods meet in the afternoon with four to eight students.

KidzToPros will work with each family to ensure their home is set-up to safely and continuously support on-site learning. At a minimum, this includes daily temperature checks, social distancing, correct wearing of masks, frequent hand washing and rigorous cleaning of the designated spaces for the Learning Pod and all equipment.

KidzToPros remains committed to ensuring all students have equal opportunities to learn and grow. A minimum of 15 low-income students will be awarded full scholarships to participate in a Learning Pod, and KidzToPros will also be working with school districts and PTAs to identify students in need and potential funding sources.

“Early data suggests the pandemic is widening the achievement gap. It can be hard for a student who is struggling to ask for help through a computer screen” Shah said. “Still, we realize not every family can afford the tuition costs associated with Learning Pods. For that reason, KidzToPros will continue to partner with schools and foundations to ensure all students have access to high-quality education.”

To learn more about KidzToPros Learning Pods, interested families may visit

ABOUT KIDZTOPROS: KidzToPros is an educational enrichment provider that was built on the idea that kids learn best when they’re happy, healthy and active. Since it was founded in 2016 by Pooja Shah and Shane Fernandes, KidzToPros has helped more than 25,000 children explore interests ranging from coding to arts and sports. KidzToPros now provides after-school programming and summer camps through partnerships with more than 350 schools and more than a dozen parks and recreation departments across the country. For more information, visit

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