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Interviews with Dred Scott’s Great Great Granddaughter, George Washington and Ben Franklin Available for Black History Month and President’s Day
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ERIE, PA (February 2, 2022) –, a leading online educator resource, is bringing history to life for Black History Month and President’s Day by offering a special collection of educational videos,  including exclusive video-taped interviews with Lynne Jackson, the great, great granddaughter of Dred and Harriet Scott, George Washington and Ben Franklin. has an exceptional line-up of educational materials to help teachers make Black History Month and President’s Day come alive in the classroom or homeschool,” said Dean Graziano, vice president of education at “And perhaps the best part is there is no cost for any of these materials!”

Lynne Jackson, president and founder of the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation, and a direct descendant of Scott, worked with to record a 35-minute talk she gave to a high school civics class, taught by Graziano (an award-winning educator). Her talk was developed from a combination of personal diaries, letters and notes of Dred and Harriet Scott, and family photos.

Additional Black History Month education materials include a learning module, The U.S. Constitution & Black History, a 33-minute video, Becoming Equal Under the Law, a 13-minute teaching unit, The Civil War: A Nation Divided, five-minute videos designed to prompt discussion on the important Supreme Court cases of Dred Scott, Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. Board of Education, and two 2-minute videos to encourage discussion on Thurgood Marshall – First African-American Supreme Court Justice and on the One Drop Rule.

George Washington History Speaks and Ben Franklin History Speaks are two 40-minute discussions between Senior Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg, U.S. Court of Appeals, DC Circuit, and George Washington and Ben Franklin. Their conversations take place in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, and include a wide range of topics, both historical and present day. Well-versed, world-renown, and accurate historical interpreters bring history to life in the unique videos. Release date: February 14, 2022.

About specializes in creating innovative, free, standards-aligned content for educators that fosters critical thinking and respectful debate among students. It is estimated videos generate over 11.3 million impressions annually. In addition to its library of more than 130 video-centered teaching units, Teachable Moments and online courses, also offers a Current Events service, with two daily articles, discussion questions, and vocabulary, all at no cost to educators. Each school year, U.S. educators can receive one free DVD from’s library as well as unlimited downloads and streaming. For more information, visit the website,

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