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How can we help those with learning differences? Encourage them to be CREATIVE LEARNERS

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“the bitter frustration and deep humiliation that I always felt in class would bubble over into anger, and I would act up both in school and out… with an estimated 10 million students who learn differently in our schools throughout the US, we have many at risk of being underserved, of becoming dropouts, and/or inmates and never realizing the joy of their creative minds.”

Bill Milliken, who wrote the foreword for Creative Learners and is the Founder of Communities in Schools (CIS) and entrepreneur who suffers from a learning difference, states that “an estimated 15% to 20% of the population are affected by learning differences”. Many of these individuals are underserved by our school systems and communities.

Creative Learners is a book​ compiled by Selma Ridgway, a teacher who has dedicated her career to championing those with learning differences. The book, available now on Amazon, aims to bring hope and inspiration to individuals who suffer from learning differences and face obstacles to success in school. Ridgway includes testimonials from teachers and parents sharing their reactions and approaches to children who learn differently. She has worked with the underserved population for over 30 years and personally worked with many of the book’s storytellers when they were students in secondary school. Ridgway asserts, “I believe that students’ needs can be met with a combination of self-knowledge; knowledgeable, flexible and caring teachers; a supportive administration; and loving, supportive parents.”

The proceeds of the book will go to The Creative Learners Project for the purpose of training personnel beginning with schools where CIS has developed relationships with students and teachers. The Project intends to instruct teachers on how to address learning differences to prevent discouragement, so students can remain in school and achieve success.

To donate, become involved or simply learn more, contact Donations can be written to: The Dyslexia Resource with The Creative Learners Project noted in the memo and mailed to 282 Mt. Paran Rd NW Atlanta, GA 30327. For more information, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages or purchase Creative Learners: Stories of Inspiration and Success from people with Dyslexia, ADD or Other Learning Differences on Amazon.

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