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Game-Based Leader Prodigy Education Announces Major Expansion with Launch of Prodigy English
Prodigy English is a fun and creativity-driven game designed to motivate students to practice curriculum-aligned English skills

TORONTO, Apr. 21, 2022/ -  Prodigy Education (‘Prodigy’), leaders in game-based learning and creators of the globally popular Prodigy Math game, today announced a major expansion of its educational games portfolio with the release of Prodigy English. This engaging new game is available to play now and provides teachers and parents with a fun way to support English learning in the classroom and at home.

Prodigy English builds on the innovative adaptive formula of Prodigy Math, which is used by millions of students, parents, and teachers worldwide. Prodigy English also utilizes Prodigy’s unique Motivation First! philosophy, where game-based learning is used to maximize student motivation levels.

The launch of Prodigy English comes at a critical time, with recent studies showing that more students are falling behind in their reading development than pre-pandemic, especially in grades K-2.[1] 

“Teachers and parents have been asking us for an English game for as long as we can remember,” said Alex Peters, Co-CEO of Prodigy Education. “We’re thrilled to bring our market-leading game-based learning approach to a completely new subject. After helping to motivate millions of students to learn math, we’re now excited to support them in developing their English skills – all while having fun at the same time.”

Rohan Mahimker, Co-CEO of Prodigy, added: “This launch is a major milestone for Prodigy, allowing us to take students on a brand new learning adventure. Creating fun and motivational learning experiences is what Prodigy excels at. After becoming leaders in game-based math learning, we’re delighted to now expand this award-winning approach to English.”

  • Prodigy English allows students to build their own online world, collecting supplies and exploring an exciting and interactive environment while learning curriculum-aligned English skills.
  • Prodigy English covers a wide range of core skills, including reading, rhyming, phonetics, and spelling for grades 1-5 with future expansion up to grade 8 and more skills planned.
  • Similar to Prodigy Math, an adaptive algorithm is used to keep students in their zone of proximal development, ensuring they are challenged but not frustrated.
  • Prodigy English meets the criteria for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Tier 4 and is aligned to Common Core Reading and Language for grades 1-5, with Prodigy’s team of certified teachers continuing to expand the curriculum range into additional strands.

It is free to create a Prodigy teacher, parent or student account, which can be used to access the new Prodigy English as well as Prodigy Math. Like Prodigy Math, all in-game educational content is free to access, with this approach supported by optional memberships which parents can purchase to access additional features designed to help boost engagement.

Educators can monitor students’ English learning progress and set assignments through the existing Prodigy Teacher Dashboard. Parents can track their child’s progress in Prodigy English, including recent activity and skills they’ve been working on, through their existing Parent Portal.

For more information, or to create a free parent or teacher account for Prodigy English and Math, click here.


About Prodigy Education 

Prodigy Education is a global leader in game-based learning. Our mission is to help every student in the world love learning, motivating millions worldwide via fun, secure and accessible curriculum-aligned gameplay experiences. At Prodigy Education, we believe maximizing student motivation helps develop a lifetime love of learning. Prodigy’s approach to fun, game-based learning means kids no longer have to choose between homework and playtime. Visit to learn more.

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[1] Amid Academic Recovery in Classrooms Nationwide, Risks Remain for Youngest Students with Least Instructional Time during Critical Early Years. Amplify, Feb. 2022,


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