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Finally, THE Solution to Eliminating Cell Phone Problems in the Classroom

Springfield, Ohio, September 19th, 2019

A good education requires a classroom environment that encourages focus, good communication, and thoughtful discussion. If you work in education you know that cell phones are the enemy of focus, an endless source of distraction and frustration in school. Experts argue that the ability to focus and concentrate on a task is an important factor in the success of young school students. It’s so important for teachers to have the tools to combat classroom distractions.

Fortunately, technology has conquered this problem with an affordable and simple solution to the cell phone and wireless headphone problems. The Phone Shield™ by Classroom Products LLC /

This Phone Shield™ is a pouch that blocks calls, texts and prevents students from connecting to WIFI or Bluetooth headphones. It can be attached to a desk with the two included GripLockTies. Its Velcro seal allows students to easily remove their phone for classwork when needed and to take their phone from class to class, eliminating the time-consuming process of unlocking phone pouches one at a time at the end of a long school day. And, to curb anxiety, the students’ missed text messages and voicemails populate the phone shortly after the phone is removed from the shield.

Teachers confiscating cell phones can be problematic as parents want their kids to have their phones in case of an emergency and teachers shouldn’t be responsible for theft or damage.

School teachers are responsible for far more than managing a classroom. Teachers are also responsible for instilling life skills and healthy personal habits that ensure that their students are fully prepared for adulthood. For contemporary educators, this means encouraging healthy relationships with technology. Phone Shields™ present an affordable tool to address the issue.

Autumn Harris, a High School math teacher, is anxious to receive her Phone Shields™. “I’m excited to add a tool to my classroom management strategies that will give my students a break from their phones, and provide an environment where they can be fully engaged and grow as a learner”.

For any educator or school district looking to stop cell phone issues, the Phone Shield™ developed by is an excellent, affordable option. They are only $6.99 each, sold in packs of 20, 30 or 40. This includes the two non-slip GripLockTies™ to keep the shields secured to the desk where they belong. With the Phone Shield™ teachers can finally get back to teaching instead of constantly telling their students to put their phones or headphones away.

To purchase the Phone Shield™ visit or call 1-800-315-0741.

About Classroom Products LLC

Classroom Products LLC/ has been an industry leader since 2003 providing affordable corrugated desktop privacy shields (study carrels) and computer testing shields to school districts across the country.

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