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Egan Maritime Institute Partners with Local Schools To Offer Maritime Education Through Sea of Opportunities Program

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NANTUCKET, MA (March 3, 2015) — Egan Maritime Institute is bringing maritime education to area students in an innovative middle and high school maritime education program, called Sea of Opportunities. 

The program, which is the first of its kind, has partnered with Nantucket Public Schools, Nantucket Lighthouse School and Nantucket New School to teach approximately 750 school students about the maritime industry and the rich maritime history of Nantucket Island. 

Through learning inside and outside of the classroom, the Sea of Opportunities program incorporates subjects such as math and science into interdisciplinary lessons, which are integrated with each school’s curriculum. The program even offers students instruction aboard seaworthy ships. 

“The Sea of Opportunities program is designed to provide an experiential, hands-on curriculum that exposes a student to the past, present and future of our maritime world,” says Pauline Proch, Executive Director of the Egan Maritime Institute. “We take a look at maritime traditions, trades and sciences while reinforcing student’s English language arts, math and science education. We couldn’t be happier with this school partnership.” 

Students in the innovative middle and high school maritime education program learn problem-solving and applied skills, while benefiting from guest speakers and field trips. They learn about maritime jobs and come away prepared to enter the maritime industry or enroll in post-secondary maritime education programs, if desired. 

Students also have unique opportunities to learn seamanship. For example, in partnership with the Lynx Educational Foundation, four high school students are selected each summer to take a voyage aboard the Tallship Lynx. 

Classes affiliated with Egan Maritime’s Sea of Opportunities are offered in all middle schools and high schools on Nantucket, including Cyrus Peirce Middle School, where an Oceanography course is currently underway. 

“The partnership between the Cyrus Peirce Middle School (CPS) and Egan Maritime Institute’s Sea of Opportunities program has provided wonderful opportunities for the students of Nantucket,” says Peter Cohen, Ed.D., principal of Cyrus Peirce Middle School. “We look forward to expanding this partnership as we work together to develop the Oceanography course to be delivered to all eighth graders at CPS. This course will connect students to the island of Nantucket, its history and resources, as well as provide a solid foundation of knowledge for all things related to oceanography.” 

The unique program can serve as a model for other seaside communities that have a historical connection to the ocean. It builds connections to maritime traditions, trades and sciences for today’s youth, while fostering partnerships between schools and other organizations. 


The Egan Maritime Institute is the island’s only non-profit organization devoted exclusively to celebrating Nantucket’s seafaring heritage. The Egan Maritime Institute fulfills its mission through its Nantucket based affiliates including the Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum, Mill Hill Press, and, an online Nantucket weather service.  Egan Maritime Institute recent recently launched Sea of Opportunities (SOO), an educational program for Nantucket middle and high school students that expands their understanding and appreciation of the island’s extensive maritime history, while introducing them to the maritime world of today. 


The result of an unprecedented partnership between the Egan Maritime Institute and Nantucket’s public and private schools, Sea of Opportunities is an educational curriculum for middle and high school students that bridges the gap between Nantucket’s maritime legacy and today’s young Nantucketers. This cultural enrichment program reinforces the student’s historical connection with the sea, while exposing them to the maritime traditions, trades, and sciences of today. SOO is comprised of dedicated class time, a maritime speaker series, on and off island field trips, including a tall ship expedition and collaborations with maritime-related organizations offering internships and career guidance.

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