Press Release

EdBuild’s First and Only School Finance Conference

Hyatt Regency
Cleveland, OH
April 21-24, 2020

EdBuild’s first and only school finance conference is intended to transition core knowledge and skills to advocates and journalists who will keep our work going long after we close our doors in June, 2020. The conference will feature general sessions and “office hours” which will provide a unique opportunity for one-on-one, tailored meetings with our senior staff for specific questions that you may have related to funding policies and data. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops designed to enhance skills related to creating maps, analyzing data, and interpreting state funding laws and policies.

This conference is specifically tailored to journalists. We’re offering free scholarships and travel stipends to journalists covering education, social justice, housing and race relations for local, regional, and national outlets.

For agenda and additional information, please visit:

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