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EdBuild releases first of its kind report on school finance policies

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Austin Ray

Jersey City, NJ. (June 01, 2016) — EdBuild has launched a new, interactive report that compares how every state in the country funds K-12 public schools.  The new site,, is the first-of-its-kind look at the policies states use when determining how to fund their schools.               

In recent weeks, national attention has been focused on school finance. But state education funding policies are often so complicated that it can be difficult to make sense of how even one state works – much less draw reliable comparisons across states. FundEd is the first tool to provide stakeholders with meaningful information in order to understand, analyze and compare the policies that dictate school funding throughout the country. 

“EdBuild has received countless questions related to funding policies across the country,” said EdBuild Founder and CEO Rebecca Sibilia. “Since that information was clearly lacking, we decided to create a database for everyone to use to better understand the decisions states make.”

EdBuild’s new tool allows users to view national maps that highlight different funding practices, such as states that fund for poverty and those that fund for English language learners. Additionally, users can view detailed information related to all aspects of an individual state’s funding formula, compare multiple states, and generate custom reports.

One key finding from the tool is that 10 states don’t provide any additional funding for students living in poverty, despite overwhelming research that more funds are needed to grant these kids the opportunity they deserve.

The research community is already embracing tool. “Debates about school funding policy often focus on politically contentious questions such as the overall level of spending,” said Matt Chingos, Senior Fellow at The Urban Institute. “EdBuild’s new data tool adds an important dimension to this discussion by documenting exactly how each of the 50 states distributes funding to local school districts. This tool will be a vital resource for researchers and for policymakers of all political stripes.”

Advocates and state stakeholders are also enthusiastic about the release of this research. CEO of 50CAN, Marc Porter McGee called the tool “A powerful yet easy to use new website that is sure to become an indispensable tool for education advocates in statehouses across the country.”

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EdBuild is working to bring common sense and fairness to the way states fund schools. Founded in 2014, EdBuild has worked actively to accelerate change and spark dialogue by creating compelling research and data visualizations for state leaders and stakeholders. For more information, visit

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