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Disruption in Higher Education: A Walsh Perspective

June 16, 2020

Contact: Carolyn Artman, MCCI for Walsh

Sharon Stanton, Walsh

TROY, Mich., June 16, 2020 – Millions of college students may take a gap year this fall or have decided to stay local and commute. That’s one indication higher education is at a crossroads worldwide, post-pandemic. Some schools are starting and ending early to avoid flu season. Others have developed a hybrid model with in-person and online learning.

Many academic experts view the disruption as, ultimately, an accessibility builder; more students than ever can access a solid education, delivered mostly over the internet.

Flexibility and ROI for degrees are key at Walsh, a business college based in Southeast Michigan. Walsh College became an early adopter of online education in 1998 with an eye toward adapting for changing education trends.

survey from ReUp Education, cited in Inside Higher Education, noted students’ top concern after COVID-19 is finances. Nearly half of those surveyed who face significant disruption from the pandemic said financial pressure is the biggest factor in their decision whether to re-enroll. The second factor is balancing work with school.

Walsh Vice President, Chief Marketing and Enrollment Officer Patti Swanson points out that living at home reduces expenses from out-of-state tuition, especially for housing costs. Additionally, the student loan default rate for Walsh students is 2.3%, compared to 11.5% across Michigan and 10.1% nationally. Less student debt means more freedom for these working professionals to achieve homeownership, investments, and savings.

Those who transfer to Walsh from a community college to finish their degrees can save $30,000-$60,000 over four years of attending public and private schools. Swanson’s advice for those seeking higher education in the COVID-19 era:

This is not the time to put your education on hold. Now is the time to acquire all the tools you’ll need for the challenges of the future. If you’re uncomfortable that may mean transferring to a school closer to home.

Enroll as a guest student while you take time to regroup and determine what is best for you and your future goals.

Rethink your educational ROI. Everything is business and a business degree serves as a backdrop for future aspirations while helping you to earn a living. Couple that with a school with internationally and nationally ranked programs and renowned, real-world faculty.

For more details on this timely topic, visit the link here and let me know if you’d like to interview a Walsh subject matter expert. Carolyn Artman, MCCI for Walsh, 313-269-4729

Walsh is an all-business, private, independent, not-for-profit, fully accredited college offering undergraduate, graduate and doctoral business and technology degrees, as well as certificate programs. Founded in 1922, Walsh is one of Southeast Michigan’s largest graduate business schools, offering classes in several locations and online. Our nationally-ranked programs integrate theory and application to prepare graduates for successful careers. Walsh degree programs include accounting, finance, information technology, human resources, management, marketing, taxation and other fields. For more information, please visit

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