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DisplayNote Announces New Web-Version of Screen Sharing Tool Broadcast
With the update, students can follow and engage with the teacher’s content on their own devices, making lessons more accessible for everyone

Belfast, Northern Ireland – Feb. 8, 2022 – DisplayNote has released a new web- version of their popular screen sharing tool, Broadcast.

Made for teachers and learners, Broadcast is a simple tool that allows presenters to share their screens to their audiences’ devices in real-time.

Features like Zoom Mode, Screen Capture, and Annotation Tools allow the audience viewing the Broadcast to enhance the material, add annotations, and save it to their devices for later.

The new features aim to make learning more personalized for each student, which boosts student engagement. This, in turn, makes lessons more accessible for everyone – regardless of the layout of the classroom, their preferred learning style, or whether they’re joining virtually.

“Broadcast’s new annotation and capture tools are a game-changer for the 1-to-1 classroom,” said Ed Morgan, DisplayNote Chief Operations Officer. “Not only can a teacher share content live to everyone’s devices – but students can also use that content to build archives, reflect on their learning and add their own insights.”

Simplicity is also at the heart of the new web-version: to use Broadcast, teachers start a session at, share the link or Broadcast ID with their students and start sharing their content.

Those who’d like to Broadcast for themselves can create a free account at

About DisplayNote: Founded in 2012, DisplayNote creates connected experiences for the world’s presenters, educators, and learners. The company has partnerships with leading display providers such as Dell, Newline, and Clevertouch.

With offices in the UK and Spain, DisplayNote understands the importance of communicating without barriers, which is why they strive to make the most effective and user-friendly collaboration solutions.

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