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Digital Promise Sets New Strategic Framework to Help Shift the Future of Education
North Star goals designed to advance historically excluded students and communities

FEBRUARY 8, 2022 | Washington, D.C. – National nonprofit organization Digital Promise has introduced their vision for the future of education. Digital Promise’s new strategic framework focuses on meeting the needs and aspirations of students from low-income backgrounds, rural students, students with learning differences, and Black, Indigenous, and Latino students, following a path from early learning to the workforce.

Digital Promise has outlined three “North Star” goals, informed by their outlook on what the future holds for their work and the education sector at large. Last year, Digital Promise celebrated their 10-year anniversary, reflecting on their origins, accomplishments, and the evolution of innovation in education over the past decade. Looking now to the future, Digital Promise will work to ensure that by 2031:

  • 30 million historically and systematically excluded students are enabled to achieve postsecondary credentials that offer economic security, well-being, and agency.
  • 30 million historically and systematically excluded students have sustained and meaningful experiences of Powerful Learning, putting them on a path to postsecondary completion.
  • 75% of historically and systematically excluded students in America are learning in education systems with the knowledge and tools to create the conditions for them to succeed.

“Digital Promise is dedicated to supporting students who have been historically excluded from full participation in our ever-changing world,” said Jean-Claude Brizard, president and CEO of Digital Promise. “We are focusing on transformation at all levels of the education system to address the challenges facing students across the country and around the world. The realization of our North Star goals will not only dramatically improve individual educational trajectories, but have implications for strengthening the global economy.”

Over the last decade, Digital Promise has reached nearly four million students across the U.S. through the League of Innovative Schools, Verizon Innovative Learning Schools, and other networks and programs. Digital Promise has also engaged nearly 250,000 teachers in powerful and innovative learning experiences, including instructional technology coaching, the Learner Variability Navigator, and our micro-credentials platform. With a growing network of nearly 200 districts and 60,000 educators to drive their impact, Digital Promise’s new organizational priorities seek to create more equitable educational experiences that help prepare all students for lifelong success, by centering and prioritizing students who are furthest from opportunity.

“These goals recommit us to the mission of accelerating innovation in education and technology to improve opportunities for each learner,” said Dr. Linda Roberts, chair of Digital Promise’s board of directors. “Digital Promise’s initiatives and programs are grounded in research, positioning us well to meet the challenges and opportunities the education sector faces.”

Digital Promise’s new strategic architecture is built on top of several pillars, including their guiding principles, organizational infrastructure, and impact strategies and practices. In addition, the organization is developing a measurement framework to track their progress toward achieving the “North Star” goals.

Digital Promise will seek to leverage relationships and collaborate with new and existing networks and partners to achieve these goals. The organization also plans to center their work around equity, accelerating innovation, building teams and empowering communities to tackle the challenges in education, driving technology and innovation for Powerful Learning, and so much more.

For more information, visit the Digital Promise website.

Press Contact:
My Nguyen
Digital Promise

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