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“Better outcomes; Happier students.” There is a solution to the Loss of Enthusiasm for School. See 3-minute video located at

Lee Jenkins, Ph.D.
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In my book Optimize Your School (Corwin Press, 2016) I include this research from over 3000 teachers. I asked, “What grade level do you teach?” and “What percent of your students love school?” The results are to the right. I am not being critical of teachers, as I have never met any teachers who wrote in their lesson plans who they wanted to discourage. The problem is systemic.

My purpose in creating this press release is not to have you write about the research or my book. My interest is having you keep my contact information handy so that I may be of help to you in a future writing assignment. The way you will know if I can be of help is to watch my recently produced professional video entitled “Better outcomes; Happier students.”  It is 3 minutes long, was filmed in a Phoenix, Arizona 7th grade public school history class and released last August. The video is located at my website,

John Hattie, of Visible Learning fame, gave us the triplets skill, will, and thrill. Our job as educators is to teach the skill. However, if the students have no thrill with the learning process and have lost the will to learn, teaching the skill will be most difficult. As you will see in the video, we can do better – much better.

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