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100% of Executive Prep Academy of Finance Graduates Accepted to Four-Year Colleges and Universities
First Graduating Class at Nonprofit Public Charter High School Supports a New Trend of Attainable Success: A College Education for All Students

JUNE 2, 2017 (LOS ANGELES) -  Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance (EPAF), a nonprofit public charter high school in Los Angeles is celebrating its inaugural commencement ceremony today for their first class of 33 graduating seniors. The special event will be held atop the Marriott in Marina del Rey at 6pm. In celebration of their incredible achievements, students will be surprised with a special congratulatory video tribute from some of their favorite celebrities including actors Taraji P. Henson and Kevin Hart along with former NBA star and education advocate Jalen Rose and more.

All of the Executive Prep graduates have been accepted to some of the top four-year universities and colleges in the country, including San Francisco State, CSU Fresno, Virginia State University, UC Santa Barbara, Spelman University and Azusa Pacific University among others. Counselors helped with early planning advice to guide students through the complicated application processes. Responsible student preparation along with scholarships, fundraising, student financial-aid programs and some corporate and  private donations, have made it possible for these students to continue their higher education.

CEO and founder of Executive Prep, Mr. Omar McGee, explained his reasons for launching a non-profit public charter high school: “My whole plan was to create an educational program that maintains a supportive environment for students throughout their high school careers. With mutual trust and respect from students and their parents, we were able to create a program that allowed them to take responsibility of their own lives and define what they wanted their futures to look like. And by bringing local community partnerships and corporate sponsors together with common goals, we have more resources to offer students than they would have normally. Together we created a winning plan for our students,” proudly boasts Mr. McGee.

“From the beginning Mr. McGee was always pushing us to accept new challenges and really focus on what we wanted our future lives to be like. Without having big dreams and goals, you can’t make a successful plan to reach them,” explains Isaiah Paysinger who was awarded a full ride to Howard University.

Many students from this graduating class of 2017 will be the first in their families to finish high school. For most, attending college wasn’t even a consideration before attending Executive Prep. The school’s focus on financial literacy has also taught crucial money management and life skills to prepare students for the future. The combined tactics has led to the ultimate goal of closing the achievement gap and disrupting the cycle of excessive inner-city high school drop-outs rates while increasing higher education. 

Although Executive Prep serves an all-minority low-income student population, with most falling below the poverty line, the supportive environment of teachers and staff, along with access and opportunity

have proven to be the difference maker for his students. “Today is going to be very emotional for me,” says Mr. McGee. “These students have become like my own kids. I know each and every one of them and have seen them grow into responsible young adults. I wanted to give these kids a reason to believe in themselves and accomplish their dreams. I am just as proud as any parent.” 

About Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance

Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance (EPAF) is a Los Angeles based nonprofit public charter high school with a focus on closing the financial literacy gap within the minority community. Executive Prep Academy’s mission is to provide a high-quality and extensive college-preparatory educational experience to youth that results in our students succeeding in college, and ultimately in their professional careers.

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