Supporting Community Membership
Required Yearly Contribution: $125

In order to better serve our non-journalists, Supporting Community membership was developed to offer special benefits and opportunities to become involved in our mission. For our Supporting Community, we are offering a suite of new benefits, services and opportunities. In order to be eligible to attend our flagship National Seminar, registration as a Supporting Community member is required.

Supporting Community Membership


  • Eligibility to attend the National Seminar

  • Discounts for Job Listings

  • Discounts for postings to EWA Press Release Service

  • Access to select webinars and special trainings

  • Special sessions at the National Seminar

  • Full access to the EWA website

  • Free subscription to EWA newsletters

  • Guidebooks and tips for covering salient education issues

  • Access to Source Search, the EWA expert database

  • Access to backgrounders and other EWA publications

Your Membership

Supporting Community Membership lasts for one year. To receive uninterrupted benefits, you must renew before your membership expires. Memberships are non-transferable.

Thirty days before your membership expires, you will receive an invitation to continue your membership. Please note, you must maintain your membership in order to attend the National Seminar and other special events.

Apply for Supporting Community Membership