Proposed Amendments to the EWA Bylaws
Members: Vote now on these important amendments


Dear EWA Members,

This year, the EWA Board of Directors has taken a careful look at our bylaws with the goal of updating and refreshing them. At its most recent meeting, the Board voted to propose two important bylaws amendments to the EWA membership.

Proposed Amendment 1

Under EWA’s current bylaws (Article XIV: Miscellaneous, Section 1.3), the organization’s fiscal year “shall run from July 1 through June 30.”

In a change designed to provide needed flexibility, the Board of Directors voted to propose deleting this section and to make the time frame of the fiscal year a matter of board policy. If approved, the new EWA fiscal year will run from October 1 through September 30.  

Proposed Amendment 2

EWA’s bylaws (Article XV: Amendments to the Bylaws, Section 1.1) state that new amendments “may be proposed by the board of directors or by petition of five journalist members. Adoption shall be by mail ballot and approval shall require the affirmative vote of two-thirds of those voting in such ballot.” This amendment has been interpreted to mean that the membership must vote to adopt amendments to the bylaws.

The Board voted to propose the following amendment: “Amendments may be proposed by the board of directors and adopted by a majority vote of the board of directors. Amendments may also be proposed by petition of at least 25 percent of EWA members calling for a vote on the proposed amendments. Member-proposed amendments not approved by the board shall require a majority vote of the membership for approval.”

One purpose of the proposed amendment is to clarify that the Board is responsible for the strategic governance of EWA. Another goal is to give the Board needed flexibility to revise outdated sections of the bylaws and develop timely processes for managing its work.

The new language also lays out a revised process for member-proposed amendments to the bylaws to ensure that those proposals reflect the views of a significant portion of EWA’s diverse membership. Finally, the board would like to remove language requiring a “mail ballot” – a holdover from a time before email.

Transparency and Member Involvement 

If the proposed ammendments are approved by the EWA membership, the Board intends to provide comment periods on any future changes to the bylaws to ensure member input and transparency.

You can access the EWA Bylaws in full here and read more about the EWA Board of Directors here.


EWA bylaws call for these proposed changes to be approved by the membership. Please take a moment to vote on these important proposals. A “yes” vote on either is in favor of the amendment.

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All votes must be received by Wednesday, August 20 at midnight in your timezone.

Your Input Is Valued 

We want to hear from you. If you choose to vote, you will be offered an opportunity to share your opinion at that time.

Please also feel free to contact us directly by emailing EWA’s Interim Director of Membership and Marketing, Lavinia Hurley, at with any questions you may have regarding the bylaws, these proposals, or your membership in EWA.

Thank you in advance for your vote,

Caroline Hendrie

Executive Director